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12" 1-bottom horse plow
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12" 1-bottom horse plow
Inventory Number: GPA01275

Description: This horse drawn 1 bottom plow is a vintage agricultural implement designed for single-row plowing. The plow has a 12-inch cutting width, making it suitable for small-scale farming and gardening. It is a classic piece that reflects traditional farming techniques.


  • Type: Horse drawn 1 bottom plow
  • Cutting Width: 12 inches
  • Construction: Sturdy metal frame with wooden handles, designed to be durable and long-lasting.
  • Usage: Ideal for small-scale farming, garden plowing, and as a collectible for vintage agricultural equipment enthusiasts.


  • Overall Condition: The plow is in used condition with signs of wear and rust typical for its age.
  • Missing Part: The bottom plate on the plow is missing, which may require repair or replacement for full functionality.
  • Frame: The metal frame and wooden handles are intact, though they show signs of weathering and age.

Usage: This plow is perfect for small farms, gardens, or as a decorative piece for those who appreciate vintage farming equipment. It can also be restored for practical use.


  • Type: Single bottom plow
  • Plow Width: 12 inches
  • Material: Metal frame with wooden handles
  • Missing Parts: Bottom plate on the plow


  • The plow is sold as-is, with the missing bottom plate noted.
  • Buyers are encouraged to inspect the plow before bidding to assess its condition and potential restoration needs.

Zip Code:73505

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